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ABB Circuit Breakers
ABB Circuit Breakers

ABB Circuit Breakers

Control Panel Fabrication Information

NEMA, UL & CSA Ratings

ABB circuit breakers offer the best solutions for quickly restoring electrical service after a fault, all while offering the most security for an electrical installation.  ABB also offers a complete line of NEMA, UL & CSA miniature, molded case and power circuit breakers, manual motor starters to ensure the safety of workers and equipment, and residual current (ground fault) devices.  The MCCD’s have a large selection of interchangeable parts and accessories from flange handles to electronic trip devices.

ABB Circuit Breakers utilize some of the most advanced technologies to help ensure that your electrical systems remain up and running. Some of the features found on the various ABB Circuit Breakers include:

  • High Breaking Capacity
  • Finger Safe Terminals
  • Small, convenient size

These breakers will do whatever job is needed, whether it is in a civil or industrial plant. ABB Circuit Breakers will get the job done, no matter the type of electrical machine, be it  transformers, generators, capacitors, or motors. These breakers offer unique technical solutions that only a company like ABB can bring.

Advanced protection functions on these breakers means that significantly less time will be missed due to power outages or maintenance issues. They also ensure that workers have the greatest degree of safety when working on a particular job. With these breakers, a business or industrial plant will always stay up and running without unnecessarily losing business due to accidents or malfunctions.

The advanced technical solutions provided by ABB Circuit Breakers guarantee that a business or plant will always remain on the cutting edge of technology. They are also able to keep up with increasing energy standards and safety standards. Offering a complete range of electrical and mechanical components, as well as numerous accessories, these breakers can be made to fit any job needed.